Restoria Express Men

Restoria Express Men is engineered for men to be fast and easy to get rid of your grey. A quick 5 minute touch up session will keep away the grey and keep you looking and feeling your best self. Restoria Express Men is the no fuss solution to get rid of your grey hair at home. It provides 100% grey coverage that won’t fade or wash out and always leaves hair feeling thick, natural and healthy. Restoria Express Men includes a unique brush that makes application quick and easy, and a no-drip cream formula that prevents running or splatter. Now with resealable tubes, Restoria Express Men is economical as well. Simply do a touch up whenever grey hair appears. Restoria Express Men is also ideal for touching up greying hair on both the head, beard and sideburns. Available in 4 natural shades: Natural Brown, Dark Brown, Real Black, Jet Black.

Hair Colouring Tips

TIP 1 For the most natural results when colouring hair, always use a product one or two shades lighter than your original hair colour. TIP 2 If you colour your hair on the same day that you have it trimmed, no-one will be the wiser.